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Military Product ISQ Form

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MIL Spec MIL-S-15291 - rotary snap action and detent spring return
MIL-S-6807 - rotary power selector switches
MIL-S-3786 - low current rotary circuit selector
MIL-S-83731 - sealed and unsealed toggles
MIL-L-7961 - (MS25041 & MS25331) press to test light indicators
MIL-L-3661 - indicator light housings, lampholders, and lenses
MIL-S-18396 - meter and control switches
MIL-S-22710 - thumbwheel and pushbutton indicating wheel switches
No MIL Spec Listed

Note: MIL DTL may reference -S and -L above

Applications Avionics
Naval Ships/Craft
Ground Vehicles
Mobile Equipment
No Application Selected


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