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Brand Central for Stackpole, Shallcross, CRL/Centralab, ASM, Eaton Miniature, Oak Grigsby and Gaynor Electric Switches
Full Engineering Design Capabilities & Custom Value Added Services
Best in Class Lead-times for Rotary & Miniature Switches

Toggle Switches


A Series Standard Bushing and PC Mount

Expanded A Series Additional Options

WT Series IP67 sealed

T8000 Series Subminiature wave solderable

MIL-S-83731 500 Series

Military Cross Reference

JT-1601 Compact 3 Way Toggle Switch

Mounting Hardware & Accessories


Selection Guide

3000, 3100, 3300 Series 6A-20A rated IP67

7000, 7100, 7200 Series 6A-20A rated

9000, 9100, 9200 Series 2 pole 6A-20A rated

7300 Series (1 pole) 9300 Series (2 pole)
20A 1.5 HP rated

7600 Series (1 pole) 9600 Series (2 pole)
5A-30 VDC rated

6600 Series Wire Lead 10-15A rated

Power Switch Hardware

Pushbutton Switches


PS Series Sensitive (Snap-Action)

PB Series Maintained/Momentary

SA and B8000 Series Subminiature


6611 & 6612 Series

7000 and 7100 Series 6A-15A rated

Power Switch Hardware

Illuminated Presslite

Selection Guide

General Information

Friction Cap Bases

Pushbutton Cap

Friction Cap Hardware & Speciality Hardware

Watertight Switch

Low Profile Switches

Snap-In Switches

Rocker Switches


B Series Panel, Snap-In and PC Mount

WR/WP Series IP67 sealed

RK8000 Series Subminiature wave solderable