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Enclosed Frame Rotary Switches

Selection Guide

C1 Series Smallest rotary switch we produce

C2/C3 Series Designed for printed circuit boards

C4 Series Low cost, yet designed for lots of options

C5/C6 Series Most economical switch we produce

C7 Series Available up to 24 positions

T04 Series Sub-Miniature

T05 Series Customized and economical

Military Rotary Switches

Selection Guide

M4 Series High reliability, designed with MIL-SPECs in mind

M5 Series Highest quality rotary switch we produce

M6 Series Available up to 32 positions

M7 Series Available up to 48 positions in a frame under 3 inches

Open Frame Rotary Switches

Selection Guide

D1 Series Smallest switch designed for MIL-SPEC ruggedness

D2 Series Developed for solder termination or PC Board applications

D3 Series Catalog version offers silver alloy contacts

D4 Series Readily available through distribution

D5 Series Most economical open-frame switch

D6 Series Superior index provides smooth, reliable feel

D7 Series Higher contact rating @ 2.25 amps

D8 Series Provides 18 positions

D9 Series Provides 24 positions with a frame less than 3 inches

E1 Series Strong positive index

E2 Series Linear action, up to 5 positions

E3 Series Catalog version spring return action

E4 Series Highest rating we offer @ 11 amps switching

E5 Series Designed for printed circuit boards and 24 positions

OakGrigsby Open Frames Rotary switches acquired from Oak

Section & Index Assemblies

Knobs & Dial Plates

Figures/Circuit Diagrams

Panel Cutouts

Operating Temperature Range