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Series Prefix
Enclosed Frame Rotary Switches
C1 Series C1D
C2 Series C2P
C3 Series C3P
C4 Series C4D
C5 Series C5P
C6 Series C6P
C7 Series C7D
Open Frame Rotary Switches
D1 Series D1C D1G D1P
D2 Series D2C D2D D2G
D3 Series D3C D3D D3G
D4 Series D4C D4D D4G
D5 Series D5G
D6 Series D6C D6D D6G
D7 Series D7C D7G
D8 Series D8G
D9 Series D9G
Specialty Rotary Switches
E2 Lever Switches E2G
E3 Series E3G
E4 Series E4C
Mil Spec Rotary Switches
M5 Series


6MLR Lever Switches

519 520

Type A (Acorn)

516 521

Type JC


Series Prefix
Miniature Pushbutton Switches
Sensitive Snap Action PS1 PS2 PS5
Standard PB1 PBS PBW
Sub Miniature B85 B86 P28
Ultra Miniature SA1 SW5

Miniature Rocker & Paddle Switches
Standard B12 B22 B23
Washable WP2 WR2
Subminiature Rocker RK8

Miniature Toggle Switches
Standard A12 A13 A22
A23 A32 A42
A43 M83
Washable WT1 WT2
Sub Miniature T80 T82
Miniature, Custom JR0 JT2 JWT

Power Switches 660 661 700

707 708 710

715 716 720

723 725 726

920 300 310
Series Prefix
Mechanical, MMP/Rel Series 250 256 297
MM1 B18
Mechanical, 700 Series 700 701 703
Magnetic, 500 Series 505

Indicator Lights ST7 100 11P

143 183 461

565 586 5P4

6P4 643 672

7P4 8P6 993

IP67 Sealed Products
Thumb Switches TS1
Sealed Toggles 300 310 330


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